The EPIC Portal augments EPIC’s mission to support law enforcement and interdiction components through improved information sharing with the law enforcement community. It enables user access to EPIC through cutting edge web-based technology that facilitates both awareness and information sharing.

How do I login to the EPIC Portal?

Go to the EPIC Portal site at Please note, you must have a current EPIC Portal account to login.

How do I request Access?

Click on the “Request Access” button located on the login page. Once the account is created, the username and password are sent in separate emails to the requestor. For questions about your current EPIC Portal account, please contact the EPIC Access Managers at: or at 1-866-626-7418.

What can I access on EPIC Portal?

EPIC portal provides access to the National Seizure System (NSS), Law Enforcement Inquiries and Alerts (LEIA), Reports, Communities of interest, EPIC and partner agencies products, and other portal collaborative areas.

Register to the EPIC Portal to access the power of EPIC